West Palm Beach Air Duct Cleaning



When you need to clean the AC, you can call West Palm Beach air duct cleaning company as they have all the latest equipments with them that will help clean your AC with maximum care.

There are two main ways of air duct cleaning from us and you can always select one of them as per your requirement.

While giving your complaint to air duct cleaning West Palm Beach fl you can always ask them about their services and choose one which suits your budget and requirements.  Using these kinds of latest services are important as while cleaning the air duct, the dust particles should not get spread inside the house.  The dust goes into these instruments which is always safer.


Different ways of West Palm Beach air duct cleaning

  1. This method is known as Roto Brush method where a brush type instrument is used to clean the duct.  People claim that this is the most efficient method and it gives you cleaner AC and air duct.

It removes all the cold and hot air registers and the brush goes inside the AC in the circular manner along with its vacuum cleaner.  This can be called effective when your air duct is round.  It is advisable to check the shape of your air duct before you go for this service as it is expensive compare to another service.  This method takes around 4 to 5 hours to clean your air duct.

  1. The other method which is used by the West Palm Beach air duct cleaning is air gun and air snake usage for cleaning the duct.

In this method the cleaner goes in each and every cold and hot air register with air gun or wand.  The wand has a nozzle which is extremely thin and can be fit into all the register.  This needs to be bent while cleaning the duct by Palm Beach Air Conditioning as it forces the dust and other debris to come into the main trunk lines with air duct cleaning West Palm Beach FL.  At main trunk lines by using air whip or snake, they can clean it further.

This method is less time consuming and less expensive and if shape of your air duct is not round then can be called the most effective method as well.

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